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New Zealand’s sand dunes and coastal environments are one of the most important and most degraded landscapes in the country. Sand dunes are our natural barrier to the sea. If well looked after, dune systems lessen coastal hazards and erosion, they provide backdrop to our summer holidays, picturesque views, and habitat for those crazy plants and animals adapted to live between two worlds – land and sea.

The Dunes Trust is a nationwide organisation that brings together the knowledge and experience of communities, iwi, management authorities, industry and science agencies to save our coastal sand dunes.  Help us and the already thousands of enthusiastic folks out there protecting our coast!

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The Dunes Trust is an incorporated Charitable Trust formed in 2007 to continue the work of the Coastal Dune Vegetation Network. Our aim is to support and encourage the development of cost effective practical methods for coastal communities and management authorities to restore natural dune form and function.

2014 Conference

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Tues 11 - Thurs13 March 2014
Fitzroy Surf & Lifesaving Club, New Plymouth

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