Restoration of Indigenous Biodiversity on Coastal Backdunes, 2011 – 2014

Over the past three years the Dunes Trust has worked in partnership with the Ministry for the Environment, Coast Care groups, iwi, DOC and Councils around the country to research best practice methods for long term backdune restoration.

The following articles highlight key outcomes of this project.  We would like to thank all the individuals and organisations we have worked with us and helped resource this project.  In particular, we acknowledge the Ministry for the Environment CEF Team for partnering with us and investing in the long term future of New Zealands coastal sand dunes.

The following articles are low resolution.  Printed copies can be obtained from the Dunes Trust.  Printed articles are meant to be inserted into the Dunes Trust Technical Handbook.  If you have a copy already, please contact the Trust for these updates. 

Article 8.1 Backdunes - an introduction

Article 8.2 Ground cover species

Article 8.3 Native trees and shrubs for backdunes

Article 8.4 Wiwi

Article 8.5 Sand daphne restoration

Article 10.1 Human modification

Article 12.1 Getting started

Article 13.3 Weed control

Article 14.1 Monitoring dunes

Case Study No 01 Coromandel

Case Study No 02 Timaru

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We thank the following partner organisations for their funding and ongoing involvement in this three year project.


Scoping Report on Developing a Coastal Dune Ecosystems Database, November 2011 – May 2012

There is a lot of information and data about coastal dune ecosystems around the country held in a myriad of different places, e.g. agency databases, libraries, research institues, contractors records, archives, on home computers etc. It is not always easy to find, is often in a format that isnt very useful and can be very difficult to link together. We think there is a need to bring this information together and make it as accessible and useful as possible to people working in coastal dune ecosystem restoration.

The Dunes Trust is currently undertaking a scoping project to investigate the end-user needs, design and development options for a coastal dune ecosystems database or information 'hub'. We have received a lot of feedback from our online survey and interviews.  We are currently analysing the feedback and forming our ideas on priority projects to undertake.  We will be reporting on this project in late July, early August 2012.

The Dunes Trust would like to thank the Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System (TFBIS) Programme administered by the Department of Conservation for funding this project.